Plains Game

The abundance of antelope species in Southern Africa and especially South Africa make it an absolute paradise for those hunters inclined to take medium sized game. To some, plains game hunting in Southern Africa has remained only a dream, as most perceive it far too expensive and best left to only the wealthiest of hunters.  THIS IS A MYTH!  In fact, you can book a very enjoyable plains game hunting safari in South Africa for considerably less than the average guided elk hunt in the Western States of America.

Our great diversity of plains game abound from the Bushveld in Limpopo to the vast open plains of the Free State and back to the sands and heavy thorn bush of the Kalahari.  Each of these areas offers a unique habitat, which is ideally suited to certain of the plains game species and holds it’s own special challenges for the plains game hunter. 

The hunting techniques that we employ can vary based upon the preference of the hunter.  It can range from walk and stalk, to glassing and hunting from a blind with bow and arrow.  A client with a disability or anyone whose physical activity is limited by age or medical condition can hunt from one of our well-equipped hunting vehicles.

For details on hunting a certain species that we do not have listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us by email and we will forward you more information.