Safari with Mafigeni


Regardless of your style or budget, there is one thing you will get in abundance of on a Mafigeni's Embrace Africa Safari:

Africa's unspoilt wilderness and the creatures of myth and legend that live there free and wild.  Join Embrace Africa for an unforgettable safari adventure.  All our safaris are private and can be personalised to your specific requirements.  We have first rate guides and our safaris will exceed all your expectations.

If you want to experience the true essence of Africa, then the big lodges filled with masses of tourists are not for you.

We are here to offer you a remote, private and exclusive safari experience that offers you the best in Africa wildlife and adventure. Whether you are planning the perfect honeymoon, a thrilling African adventure holiday, the ultimate African safari or a unique family vacation, Africa offers it all.

Embrace will make all arrangements for every step of your adventure, including flights, accommodations, airport transfers, adventure reservations, etc. We cover every detail.

An experienced guide accompanies you from start to finish and leads your safari adventure. A good safari guide can turn a good safari into a great safari through their all-round knowledge and skills. Embrace guides are selected for their personality, willingness to go the extra mile, guiding qualifications and overall African experience. We know you’ll love your guide!

The traditional style of African safari includes travel by road, with accommodation in permanent lodges or semi-permanent tented camps. Driving between destinations on your itinerary is more economical and allows you to experience the scenery, but this involves more time to move between lodges/destinations. At times, flights may be required to reach your next destination in order to cover large distances and to minimize on travel time. Flights are usually scheduled in the mornings and arrive at your next destination in time for an afternoon activity and you also get to experience a bird’s eye view of the landscape and country.

Safaris that we offer include:

  • Custom Safaris

  • Short vacations to enhance your safari

  • Group Tours

  • Specialised Safaris

Services offered include:

  • Private and Group safaris

  • Holiday packages

  • Honeymoon packages

  • Airport transfers

  • Volunteer Programs

  • Car Hire

  • Hotel bookings

  • Self Drive Safaris

  • Rhino Tracking

  • Elephant Back Safaris

  • Big 5 Walks in Kruger National Park

  • Tribal Culture Tours

  • Nature walks with Cheetah & Lion

  • Game viewing on Horseback

  • Birding safaris

  • Adventure Activities

  • Fishing & White water rafting