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Experience Africa, backed by the experience of The Mafigeni Safari Company, in business since 1993, as well as employees that are based in South Africa.

Enjoy a more personalized approach to travel planning when you work with Mafigeni Safaris, an owner operated company, where we treat our travellers like our family.

Choose from a selection of hunts and tours and we’ll get you there.  We take care of all the details, so an easy and hassle-free hunting vacation awaits you.

Enjoy the services of our experienced and skilled Professional Hunters and Safari Guides, who accompany you throughout your trip.


Pricing South Africa

Africa has long been known as the world’s premiere hunting and travel destination. South Africa offer some of the best conditions to a trophy hunter with the largest variety of game species, where the hunting is great, trophy quality is the best and hunting lodges are superb. If you want to fulfill your lifetime dream of an African hunting safari, join Mafigeni and we will realise all your dreams!  Mafigeni will embrace you with our hospitality, experience, great hunting concessions, professional courtesy and finger licking South African cuisine. 


Pricing Mozambique

Although you’ll find most of Mozambique’s visitors heading straight for its sandy, Indian Ocean coastline, the country’s previously depleted game reserves are once again teeming with wildlife – and gaining fast traction on the hunting Safari map. 

The magnificent scenery combined with the vastness of the area, abundance
of game and pristine nature makes this without a doubt one of Africa’s last
great wilderness areas.


Pricing Zambia

The history of hunting in Zambia is a short one. Zambia only opened for sport hunting in the 1970's, then in 2001 the Zambian government revoked all licenses previously granted to the safari companies and all hunting stopped. The government then reversed its decision in 2003, and hunting resumed.
The vegetation of Zambia consists mostly of Miombo, a kind of glade-forest of trees of various species and large areas of grassy savannas, as is found in most African countries. This ecosystem forms habitat to a
 variety of antelope, including several species endemic to Zambia.

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