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Camera Tours & Sightseeing

Choose Mafigeni for your camera tour to Africa!
Each itinerary has been designed by Jill to include the highlights of every destination. No itinerary is set in stone and every safari has been designed with inherent flexibility.


Our safaris are all private and personalized, Unique to Mafigeni; our definition of a small group departure is one that operates with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 16 guests. We do not mix any groups, ie no outsiders on your safari and no set departure dates.


While the rest of the world faces the tests of living, your greatest challenge, while in our care, is getting that photograph of an elusive animal in its natural habitat before it turns and blends into the bush! Enjoy the services of your tour guide, who accompanies you throughout your trip and we take care of all the details, so an easy, hassle-free vacation awaits you!



Travellers from around the globe come to Africa to battle with the extraordinary African Tiger Fish. With razor sharp teeth, and infamous speed and agility, this river rascal puts up an adrenalin pumping fight that’s sure to be one of the most exhilarating fishing experiences of your life!

Its lurching strike can snap your line or rod, and just when you think you’ve got it, the furtive fish makes a long fast run. Try to reel it in, and it jumps out of the water or dives deep to try and dislodge the hook. These unpredictable predators change their feeding patterns and will try anything they can to get away from your net. They are said to be the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world, so if you want to catch one, you’re going to have to fight back every inch of the way!

It takes great skill and finesse to successfully battle a tiger, and our guides are there to support you ever step of the way. We’ll supply you with the tackle you need – rods, flies, reels, lures, lines, and leaders – and our guides will share the angling techniques that they have developed through countless hours of experimenting.



Join Mafigeni for the hunt of a lifetime! We offer hunts in South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia.  Our concessions are all privately owned and managed, ensuring the availability and the best trophy quality.


The abundance of species in Southern Africa makes it an absolute paradise for the avid hunter, whether you are looking for the smallest of species, the largest or most dangerous.  To some, hunting in Southern Africa has remained only a dream, as most perceive it far too expensive and best left to only the wealthiest of hunters. THIS IS A MYTH! In fact, you can book a very enjoyable guided plains game hunt for considerably less than the average guided elk hunt in the Western States of America.

Hunting techniques that we employ can vary based upon the preference of the hunter. These range from spot and stalk, to glassing and hunting from a blind with bow and arrow.


As a hunting outfit, we realize that we have a huge responsibility toward wildlife, wildlife habitat, our clients and future generations, and we pledge to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, which will reflect honesty, morality and integrity. Our guides will adhere to the spirit of fair chase as well as the principles of sustainable utilization of our natural resources.

Responsible hunting provides unique challenges and rewards. However, I feel the future of the sport depends on each hunter's behavior and ethics. Therefore, as a hunter and safari outfitter, I pledge to: RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND WILDLIFE.

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